DAY 1:

Discussion about use of fabric colour and making simple designs and sheet.

DAY 2:

Colour the Designs

DAY 3:

Trace and draw design on handkerchief.

DAY 4:

Colour the Handkerchief.

DAY 5:

Draw/ Design Cushion.

DAY 6:

Colour Cushion.

DAY 7:

Draw design for pillow cover.

DAY 8:

Use of light and dark flat colours.

DAY 9:

Natural shading in Hankey.

DAY 10:

Dry brush strokes.

DAY 11:

Making design for Dupatta.

DAY 12:

Colouring Dupatta.

DAY 13:

Making shading designing for suits.

DAY 14:

Making Suit

DAY 15:

Competition/ Exhibition




Day 1:                 Discuss about large printing & about screen.

Day 2:                 Make design

Day 3:                 Discussion about making of screen.

Day 4:                 Screen Making.

Day 5:                 Finishing of Screen.

Day 6:                 Draw and trace design for single colour.

Day 7:                 Making handkerchief with single colour.

Day 8:                 Draw and design for double colour.

Day 9/10/11:       Make bedsheet with double colour.

Day 12/13:          Give theme for floral design and make floral design.

Day 14:               Make screen for multi colour.

Day 15:               Make Saree with screen.




Day 1:          Discussion about making of block with vegetable like potato, lady finger and wood.

Day 2:          Discussion about making design/ patterns for single colour and make the blocks.

Day 3:          Use of single colour with block.

Day 4:          Make of sheet/ handkerchief.

Day 5:          Make design for using of single colour.

Day 6:          Printing with double colour.

Day 7:          Designing for cushion cover.

Day 8:          Printing cushion cover/ window cover.

Day 9:          Mix and match with single and double colour blocks.

Day 10:        Designing for one colour outline and two colour filling.

Day 11:        Using one colour and two colour filling on napkin.

Day 12:        Printing for cards/ handkerchief.

Day 13/14:   Printing on suit with dupatta also.

Day 15:        Display and exhibition of work.




Day 1:                  Discussion about pot painting

Day 2:                  Design and material discussion.

Day 3/4:               Make base of pot.

Day 5/6/7:            Making deco patch pot by using used cards.

Day 8/9/10:          Making pots using clay

Day 11/12:           Design for freehand painting on pot.

Day 13/14/15:       Use waster material like thread, mirror, bangles etc. for pot making.