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Govt. of NCT of Delhi

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No.PS/DE/2005/3383-4318 Dated :04-04-2005



The role of the school and teachers has always been vital in the all round personality development of the students. In fact, a teacher is a role model influencing every facet of the students growth and developing their innate potentials, in addition to being a motivator, guide and friend.


Besides, the teacher of today is also responsible to enable and empower the learner to emerge as a competent youth, ready to take on the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Hence, it is imperative that the teacher continuously upgrades his/her knowledge and methodology in order to enhance the quality of teaching. If the quality of teaching is good and the commitment of teachers is high, the standard of the Institution is bound to rise.


I, therefore strongly feel that to make the Education Process meaningful, teachers should give attention to the following guidelines regarding their duties and responsibilities.


Duties & Responsibilities of Teacher, EVGCs and Lab Assistants :


The Teacher Must: -


 attend the morning assembly daily on time.

 address the students on moral principles, social and environment issues.

follow the conduct rules notified in CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964 & CCS(CCA) Rules 1965

maintain the Teachers Diary regularly with the lesson plan.

reach the class on time for teaching.


  The teacher must evaluate the students from time to time

Teachers who are also faculty in-charges will conduct regular meetings and discuss the methods to improve the performance of students in the subject.

  Teachers must make best use of the TLM money and Pupils Welfare Fund to develop relevant teaching learning material 




In the class, The teacher should


Prepare well each and every aspect of the lesson before the delivery of the lesson

   Motivate the students before the actual delivery of the lesson

Link the topic with the previous knowledge of the students

  Develop and use the relevant teaching aid

  Use a combination of different methods and techniques of teaching

Interact with the students to induce curiosity, motivate, and provoke thinking, imagination and application of the concept taught

Give activity/application- based work/assignment beyond the book, with guidance to use various resources and keep a record of the work given

  Maintain cleanliness and discipline.


The Class teacher must


appoint monitors for different duties


mark the attendance of the students in the class register with the help of the class monitor


create a learning environment for the students by decorating the board with noble work of great  personalities to inspire the students


display clearly the time table of the class





Science Teachers must


make best use of the laboratory and use models, lab equipment, apparatus to show experiments to the children, on a regular basis

make a schedule for the practicals and ensure that the entries in the records and files are not copied from each other

  sign the entries (inference) immediately after they are made by the students, during the practicals

 give project work, evaluate it and record the marks/grades

encourage students to prepare and participate in science exhibitions and help them in preparing working models

encourage students to develop reading habits by consulting various science journals, magazines etc.

undertake Condemnation of the unserviceable articles/equipment regularly





Class Teachers, and Subject Teacher must have regular meetings with parents to keep them informed and guide them about the progress of their ward/wards.




Subject teachers must discuss among themselves, prepare a schedule and distribute the homework as per the schedule to avoid over burdening of the students.




The teacher should not



leave the assembly or the class unattended at any cost

stand in groups and gossip during the assembly

use only telling method, without any discussion or interaction

use guides, help books, as they hamper the thinking process

humiliate a child or resort to corporal punishment





The EVGCs must




hold class talks and assembly talks on various topics relevant to levels of students

 identify the gifted, slow learners, problem children, under-achievers etc. In order to help them achieve according to their needs and abilities

    help check truancy and long absenteeism among students

collect and compile information related to career and education from sources like newspapers, magazines etc. and display it through charts, posters, and bulletin boards.

   organize Career melas, career exhibitions, Counselling Camps in the school.






impose his own values and decisions on students/ parents/ teachers

leak information received in confidence unless absolutely essential.

  form biased opinion about students.



The lab assistant should



take care of the apparatus and equipments of the lab and set the lab everyday before the practicals  

Attend the training programmes organized by the Science Branch

Maintain stock register of the lab

Prepare salt solution, specimen and set apparatus under the guidance of the concerned teachers

  Keep first-aid equipment and provide first aid in case of any accident

Keep record of experiments allotted to the students and conducted by them date wise



Director of Education








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